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Well, Hello There

Hi. I'm Maureen. I moved from Chicago to a dry cabin in Alaska in the early 90s​, and I had to haul my water for cooking and cleaning.  No bathroom.  A sink with buckets underneath. The whole deal.  I'd heat water up in my biggest pot, and then wash my hair using a coffee mug.  When I was done, I'd empty the 5 gallon slop bucket outside. 


After some time, I noticed that the grass died wherever I dumped the bucket.  If my soap was killing the grass, what was it doing to me? 


Thus began a radical shift to change my life, starting with years of education on better ways to eat, better ways to clean, and better ways to exist without harming the planet.  

Finally, in 2013, I began my Certified Holistic Health Coach certification, and I began taking on clients, helping them figure out how to incorporate healthier habits into their diet and into their life.

And then I realized something huge:  health is nothing without happiness.  They go together.  And health and happiness don't look the same for everyone anyway.  So another shift happened.  What makes me happy?  

Contributing.  Community.  Connection.  

But in order to be good at all of those things, I needed to learn a big lesson.  I needed to learn how to take care of myself.  Like, I was eating the broccoli and exercising, right?  But I was also a giving machine, and feeling burned out much of the time.  I felt guilty if I put myself first instead of helping someone else.  

And my well ran dry. I came to realize that self-care was where it's at. 

So I shifted from coaching into sharing products I'd developed that didn't harm the planet, were good for me, and felt good to use.  I had realized that when I took the time to nurture myself - to treat myself - I had more to give to everyone else.  

It's simple, babe.  Put your own oxygen mask on first. 

Here’s What I’m Up To

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