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I did a thing.

Growing up in Chicago, I loved the thumpa-thumpa of club music, but I moved to the middle of Alaska, where the only plugged-in instrument a band member would have was an electric bass backing up a banjo and a washboard. Live music was plentiful, but it was usually bluegrass or folk or classic rock covers. In the late 90s, a bunch of friends who had come to Fairbanks from big cities around the world got together and started a dance club.  I was initially the go-go dancer, and my job was to stand on a giant speaker on the side of the dance floor and shake it. 


The first night, I grabbed some scissors and tore down my pink shower curtain and made a micro mini skirt that I superglued around my waist over a pair of fishnets.  The next week, I repeated that outfit, subbing a cut up tarp for my shower curtain.


After that, I went to Alaska Tent & Tarp and collected a bunch of plastic and vinyl scraps, and my partner and I went to work and created some amazing micro-mini skirts.  Some other clubbers wanted them, and our first company, Art on the Go-Go was born, making wearable art out of recycled materials



Take Your Inner Freak Out


Later when I got more into drawing and painting, my partner said that my artwork was more suited for fabric than canvas. I learned of a few companies who would transfer my artwork onto different fabrics, and I had several yards of cotton, canvas, rayon, and silk printed - all with the idea of making cool things, but I didn’t sew.  I signed up for sewing lessons, and quickly learned that it would be years before I was ready to make my own clothes. I lost interest in the endeavor, and focused on other pursuits. Then in 2021, I learned of a few companies who did print on demand products. You design an already-made product. They printed it.  Boom. Over 20 years later, Art on the Go-Go is back. I’m working with a few different companies to produce boots, shoes, leggings, and more.  

My designs are bright and bold, designed only for those ready to let their inner freak shine.


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