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These are created from an 8"x10" mixed media painting (watercolor, chalk, ink, marker, acrylic) that I made during a several hour period where we were hunkered down due to tornadoes in the area and what the weather dude called "perfect tornado weather."  I didn't want to call the painting "tornado" because people lost their homes and pets and that's awful, so I called it "Cosmos," because I was thinking about the universe and how there are storms happening light years away from us that we can see on telescopes, but we don't know if anyone was hurt because we don't know about any other planet with life beyond our own. I was feeling deep, y'all.


When I uploaded the painting to design the shoes, I changed the color balance for fun, and the result is the sister pair to these, Blue Cosmos. 


Men and Women Sizes.  

Want shoes for your kid? Let's talk. Message me.

See Size Chart

Blue Cosmos Canvas Hi Tops

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