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Art origin: Mixed media (ink and marker). 


I drew this over several mornings during a two week period in a small town in Slovenia a few years ago. Here’s the deal. I like iced coffee. Here’s the other deal: iced coffee is not a thing in Europe, unless you go to a Starbucks, but when I’m in Europe, I tend to avoid Starbucks. Ice cubes just aren’t a thing in most cafes unless you go to a bar, so after several failed attempts at finding a place to make me an iced coffee, I realized I needed to find an open bar that had an espresso machine versus just drip coffee. Then, I had to explain to the server in very weak Slovenian what I wanted because I learned that if I order “iced coffee” that I would get an ice cream- coffee concoction. Also, I’m profoundly hard-of-hearing, so even though the servers, recognizing that my Slovenian was fueled by Google Translate, would respond in English, I couldn’t always hear them because lip-reading accents is difficult, so having a way to precisely communicate what I wanted without much back-and-forth necessary was key. I would order a doppio, a pint glass half filled with ice, and ask for a little bit of milk, and I would carry a water bottle with me.  Because I never had the same server twice in two weeks, the person would watch me wild-eyed as I mixed these items together to create my drink.  And then I would take out my sketchbook and work on this drawing, thinking about better ways to convey what I wanted.  If I were a basic hot coffee drinker, these eye-catching boots would not exist - boots that will give you superpowers at coffeeshops. Starbucks might even spell your name correctly if you're wearing these. 


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Blue & White Zen Classics Canvas Boots

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