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These are my favorite.  Like, if you want to buy me a gift from my own store, I want these please.  I don't know why I don't have them yet. They are yummy.  The design is taken from a section of a much larger work, and the orignal has absolutely nothing to do with bubblegum, but when I finished this shoe design, I was transported to the backseat of our family's paneled station wagon. It was a Saturday morning.  My dad was taking my sibs and me on his Saturday morning errands.  We'd go as soon as Saturday morning cartoons were over.  At each stop, we got sweets: the bank (lollipops or butterscotch candies), the dry cleaners (Sweetarts), the convenience store where we bought a giant box of paper towels (this is the 70s - there were no big box stores yet - whatever we wanted), the real estate office (Tootsie Rolls), and then the bottling place where we each got to pick out out soda flavors for the week (I was always orange, gingerale, grape, and rootbeer).  Great memories with our dad. Our mom would not have let us have that much sugar.  Anyway, these shoes, once finished, landed me on those memories.  


M/W sizes.  Want shoes for your kids?  Message me and let's talk. 


See Size Chart.

Bubblegum Daze hi tops

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