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 Part of my self-care routine is Zentangle drawing every morning. Usually, I have a bunch of 2" squares of black paper ready to go, and I grab my white pen, and make tiny little drawings, but the morning of this particular drawing, I was not queued up with cut paper, and I had my iced coffee, and I just wanted to draw, not cut paper.  So I did a bigger drawing with the intention of cutting it up into 2" squares afterward, but when I finished, I realized, hey - this would look cool as shoes for all my friends who say, "I love your designs, but do you have anything that's not quite so bright?"  So there will be a couple varations of this drawing.  I will digitally alter it to make 2 or 3 more alternatives for the mono set before the orignal gets cut up into 2" squares, and then, after I glue a quotation on the back side of each square, I will llaminate them, and they will get tucked into a bag of bath salts as a little surprise.


Men and Women Sizes

Want shoes for your kid?  Let's talk. Message me.   

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Mono Joy

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