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I have this good friend, Wendy, and she loves the color purple. Like, I don't mean that she just kind of likes it. She LOVES it.  I first met her when we lived in the Caribbean, and I noticed she wore quite a bit of purple and I remember the walls were painted purple in their house.  A few years later, we all ended living about 30 mins away from each other in Colorado, and she had another house with more purple walls inside.  They moved to another house which they painted purple on the outside, and got a purple Mini Cooper.  


Something else about Wendy you should know - because these things go together.  She is one of the happiest people I've ever met.  She not only has surrounded herself with her favorite color, she has a career she loves, and she fills her time doing activities that she loves to do.  She wakes up every day and decides that yup, life is good, and then she lives her day like she means it.  


She's absolutely a role model for me on happiness. 


I was thinking about Wendy one day, and I digitized my Zen Classics drawing, reworked it in Procreate, and designed this pair of shoes, which are positively perfect for for anyone who can't get enough purple.  Like Wendy!


Men and Women Sizes

Want shoes for your kid?  Let's talk. Message me.   

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Wendy's Hi Top Shoes

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